Nov. 5th, 2009

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Guy Fawkes Day: not Halloween.

I think it was Game 3 of the World Series when Andy Pettite got a base hit like it was the most normal thing in the world (as a pitcher, any hits he makes are gravy) and the TV commentators made the comment that "there's no justice in hitting." I immediately shouted back at the TV that there's no justice, period. Upon reflection, I don't think I was quite right. There is justice in the world, but it's what we make ourselves, and make sure is done to and for others, and it's only as strong as people are willing to make sure that it is. One of the courts in Philadelphia reads JUSTICE THE GUARDIAN OF LIBERTY on the face of the building. That's true, but it seems to me that the people are, must be, the ultimate guardians of justice. And I hold to my conviction that without justice there can be no peace.

Anyway, have an awesome Darker Than BLACK video (it's done to the V for Vendetta trailer and is awesome). And remember the 5th of November on every other day of the year. Blowing up representative government ≠ justice.

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Clarkesworld Magazine is soliciting citizens.

I have to say that I am consistently impressed with the quality and breadth of the pieces that Clarkesworld publishes--they have played host to some of my favorite short stories and authors, and they need a little help from readers to keep paying their contributors professional rates. As little as $10 makes you a citizen of Clarkesworld, with your name listed as a supporter in the magazine's yearly anthology, and the more money you donate the more premiums you can get (sound familiar?). Anyway, spread the word, or donate, if you like. More info can be found here.


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