Aug. 19th, 2010

starlady: (ultraviolet)
Occult Academy 04-05
Gotta pay off that car loan! )

The Reaper can't die, but he can get tired of watching everyone else die.

The OVAs were quite good, I think. I really want to rewatch Meteor Twins now--it's funny how the OVAs are set before the second series, but were released after them, so they don't have to introduce any of the continuing characters. Most of whom die in the end, it being DTB. And knowing what's coming doesn't make watching Hei's abrupt slide into a drunken stringer for the CIA any easier, either.

I would love more of this anime; I really hope they do wind up producing a third season.

Code Geass R2 09-11
Yes, shut up, I never finished this anime. But all the awesome AMVs at Otakon have inspired me to do so.
Yes, Your Highness. )