Aug. 31st, 2011

starlady: Ariadne, the architect (god is a woman in my fandom)
If getting 4.5 hours of sleep secondary to consuming all of a WIP XMFC fratboy AU of awesomeness is wrong, I don't want to be right.

This post is brief and rather self-indulgent, because it is Wednesday afternoon and I am both starving and brain-fried. And if I need fandom and laughter to get through this semester, that is a-okay.

A while ago I wrote an Inception fic, Symbolic Logic, which on one level is an Ariadne-centric POV take on how slash goggles work. (Sidenote: I often find that my female characters are channeling fannishness under another name; Jean Grey's POV section in Synthesis does some of the same.) So I was highly tickled to see this recent post, by way of [personal profile] bookshop, on the interior design of Arthur's dreams, because it is the perfect distillation of what I was talking about and riffing on in the story. Oh fandom, please never and immediately change.

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