Dec. 31st, 2017

starlady: Kermit the Frog, at Yuletide (yuletide)
Farewell and fuck you to this cursed year. You wouldn't know it from my vidding output, though.

The Vids
Heroes (Dorothy L. Sayers Mysteries) - Festivids 2016
state of war (Haywire) - Festivids 2016

We Are Who We Are (Star Trek Beyond) - Equinox Spring 2017

1985 (Tomorrowland)

Halfway Away (Yuri!!! on Ice)

Fall of the Jedi (The Clone Wars)

Heartlines (The Chronicles of Narnia) - Autumn Equinox 2017
Get Behind Me, Hogfather! (Hogfather) - Autumn Equinox 2017

The Questions
I liked all of the vids I made this year, but ultimately this is a tie between Fall of the Jedi and Heartlines. Both of them did basically exactly what I wanted to do, which is always nice. I also really love Halfway Away, but I want to remaster it with Blu-ray footage, and it isn't quite as close to what I initially envisioned.

Least Favorite

The Hogfather one, maybe, though I quite like it. It had been so long since I seen the movie I forgot how little action shots it has, and how dark the whole thing is.

Most Successful
Probably the Star Trek and Narnia vids, though there isn't a clear standout this year.

Most Underappreciated by the Universe
The Yuri!!! on Ice one. Probably I need to change the summary; my sense of humor doesn't always work well on the internet, QED.

Most Fun to Make
The Clone Wars vid, probably. I used a spreadsheet and the concept was so restrictive that it was pretty easy to lay down clips. I do love spreadsheets.

Hardest Vid to Make
Probably the Hogfather one…nothing like discovering that your ancient rips are missing a third of each half of the movie, then trying and failing to rip the actual DVD because of copy protection, failing to find any download links, finally ripping the movie off YouTube, then realizing the old and new clips aren't the same size but deciding not to care.

The Things I Learned This Year
My clipping style works for me and I embrace it, even if my habit of naming the clips after bad jokes does make it hard to keep them organized at times. Also, spreadsheets are the best.

Planning for Next Year
Eight vids in one year is a lot, and I'm not sure I will be able to sustain at this level; six seems more reasonable. I am pleased with the results of trying to make vids for con submission and plan to continue it. But I want to submit several vids to the last year of Vividcon, as well as hopefully attend myself. And maybe in 2018 or 2019 I will finally attend VidUKon.