Jan. 2nd, 2019

starlady: (bibliophile)
This past year was a century, and I find it difficult to remember my own individual actions in it. There were some good things! There were many bad things! I went to the last VividCon and it was really great. I went to Japan, that was good too. We retook the House. May next year be better for all of us and for the planet.

2018 Reading Stats

Books read: 107, of which 1 (1%) rereads
By gender: 32 (30%) by men, the rest by women or non-binary authors
By race: 28 (26%) by authors of color, the rest by white authors
In translation: 0, not counting 1 (1%) in Japanese
New books: 37 (35%) published in 2018
Books owned before 2016: 1
New-to-me authors: 29

…versus 2018 resolutions
  1. Read 110 books ==> Failed. But I held steady at 107, which I am proud of.
  2. Read 25 physical books owned since 2016 or earlier. ==> Failed with 1/25.
  3. Read 25 books by authors of color. ==> Achieved! 28/25
  4. Read 10 books in translation. ==> Failed, 1/10
  5. Read 15 books in Japanese ==> Failed, 1/15.
  6. Read all the comics bought before 2018, both physical and digital ==> I am making progress on this, but still haven't finished.

General Comments
I think I did pretty well considering that I lost a solid month in September around the Supreme Court hearings. Relatedly, however, I had my poorest showing ever at the Sirens reading challenge; normally I finish it or come within a book or two if I don't succeed, but this year iirc I was more than halfway away at the deadline.

I joined the Sirens reading club and my local comic book shop's women's comics club, which together account for the preponderance of new books in my reading this year. I've tried to switch modalities to optimize reading, with more taking place on my phone than previously, though I still spend too much time on Twitter on BART when I could be reading. My bird is coming to live with me, however, so I am more determined than ever to get the stacks of comics off the floor and tackle the stacks of old books, as I need to prepare for the possibility of moving this summer.

I'm slowly savoring the last Lymond book (I skimmed it in the spring but couldn't bear to finish it formally, as I didn't want it to end), and after that I'm hoping to tackle Joan Aiken's Wolves Chronicles. Michelle West's current epic fantasy series is finishing this year with not one but two books, with the final arc of the story expected after that, so I'm trying to decide what order would be best for a reread of the entire series. Laurie Marks' Air Logic is finally seeing the light of day, which means I need to get off my butt and finish the Steerswoman books. I also want to read the rest of Martha Wells' backlist, and I am slowly closing in on my goal of reading all of Kate Elliott's books--just Black Wolves and the last six Crown of Stars novels left.

Best of 2018
A 10% selection rate is 10 books, give or take.
  • JY Yang, The Tensorate novellas (2017- )
  • Holly Black, The Cruel Prince (2018) and The Wicked King (2019)
  • Rainbow Rowell and Kris Anka, Runaways (2017 - )
  • Philip Pullman, The Book of Dust vol. 1: La Belle Sauvage (2017)
  • Lara Elena Donnelly, Amberlough (2017) and Armistice (2018)
  • Roshani Chokshi, Aru Shah and the End of Time (2018)
  • Martha Wells, The Murderbot novellas (2017-18)
  • Catherynne Valente, Space Opera (2018)
  • Brendan Fletcher et al, Black Canary (2016-17) and Motor Crush (2017- )
  • Yoon Ha Lee, Revenant Gun (2018)
2019 Reading Resolutions
  1. Read 110 books
  2. Read 25 physical books owned since 2016 or earlier
  3. Read 25 books by authors of color
  4. Read 10 books in translation
  5. Read 15 books in Japanese
  6. Read all the comics bought before 2019, both physical and digital