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Dear Yuletide writer,

First, thank you so much for agreeing to write me a story in a fandom we both love, or at least remember fondly. I'm genuinely interested to see what caught other fans' interests about all of these sources, so please don't feel that my prompts are too binding. I'd rather have an inspired story than slavish devotion to my requests.

Speaking of my requests, you'll have seen that they're slightly all over the place, so I'm hesitant to generalize about my taste in fic: I'll read just about any kind of pairing in just about any genre, and I've specified further in each request. Generally I love plot and character above all, but I'll read angst, romance, slice of life, graphic violence, etc, very happily. Things I would really prefer not to read are rapefic, noncon, AUs, scat, mpreg, incest, anything more extreme than very light BDSM and/or kink, non-canonical character death, and female character bashing (or for that matter, denigration of non-white characters). I prefer my smut to have equal parts plot and/or character development, but please don't feel obliged to include a sex scene if you don't feel it fits into the story. Finally, while I'd like the story to focus on the specific characters I mentioned, any and all canon characters are welcome for as long as you like.

Before I get into specific details (I realize my requests are perhaps slightly sparse. sorry!), I'll just re-emphasize that these details aren't meant to constrict you, but to give you some more info about what I like about each source.

Request1: Diane Duane - Young Wizards series (Carl Romeo/Tom Swale)

There's not enough Tom/Carl stories in this fandom, and most seem to be PG. I'd like something with a happy ending--doesn't have to be full of slashy porn, but a little PG-13 or a light R would be awesome.

Well, I put the cart before the horse with this one. One of the few things that annoys me about the canon is that Tom and Carl's relationship is couched so very ambiguously, and most fanfic I've read (most of it on Yuletide, actually) follows Duane's lead in being fairly PG. Basically my wish with this request is to expand the (Yuletide) pool of Tom/Carl fic, so anything you'd like to write featuring the two of them--being wizardly, slice-of-life, pre-Advisory, origin stories, their reactions to events in the books, whatever--will be great. And if you feel like including a sex scene, that'd be even better. If you want to get a sense of what I like absolutely best about these books, I wrote a long post on them here, and looking back through my 'books: fiction' tag will get you to a few more reviews of some of the series.

Request 2: The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (1996) (Any/Jessica Bannon)

Something where Jessica takes the lead and saves the day and is awesome. I'm looking for something like a lost episode here, so nothing too explicit, but if you have opinions on ships in the series, I'm not opposed to them creeping in.

I have strong memories of watching this cartoon and thinking that Jessica never got to save the day. She was pretty awesome, but she never quite took the lead, and I'm looking for a story that shows her doing that. It doesn't have to be a huge epic; even just a vignette demonstrating her agency would be cool. I watched this show way before I had any conception of what fandom was, let alone slash and ships, so I don't have any particular opinions on pairings in it, and wouldn't mind something completely gen--but again, if you have pairing opinions, I'd love to see them in action.

Request 3: Blood Plus (tv) (David /Julia)

So, um, how about that reconciliation scene? Or the scene where they explicitly admit their feelings for each other? Or have hot hot pron times? Or are just happy for once? Seriously, David/Julia, just about anything.

Oh, David and Julia. Hot like burning, angst central. Obviously the anime only showed about 5% of their relationship onscreen, and my wish with this request is for a fic that explores some part of that other 95%. The anime lays on the angst with a trowel, and I absolutely don't mind a fic that gets into that, as long as there's a happy ending, or at least a light on the horizon.

Request 4: The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne (Any)

I'm interested to see what other people liked about this show, so please write whatever inspires you. I'd like at least a little plot and/or character development, not just pure smut, but other than that, go yule-hogwild.

Another old TV show that I watched in my pre-fandom Dark Ages. Definitely my favorite characters were Phileas and Rebecca, but then, what's not to love about all four of them? In retrospect the show seems to have a lot of steampunk elements, so if you feel like getting your steampunk on, even better.

Thanks so much again, Yuletide writer! Whatever you wind up writing, I can't wait to read it. Seriously--if you're happy with your fic, I'm sure I will be too.



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