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So much to say, so much to do, as always.

If you read one post on DW this week, make it [personal profile] synecdochic's incendiary post on modesty. She is so, so, so right. [ profile] karenhealey's post today is also relevant.

This morning I was listening to NPR's coverage of President Obama's visit to Louisiana this weekend; the president noted that Americans are "frustrated and upset." No, Mr. President; speaking for myself, we are enraged. We are enraged that it took the government and BP more than a week to respond to the scale of the spill; we are enraged that BP was allowed to drill that deep at all without knowing how to fucking turn the well off if necessary; we are enraged that BP had the gall to ask the government to help pay for cleaning up its fucking mess; and we are enraged that BP has teams of lawyers in Alabama trying to pressure people into waiving their right to sue for a measly $5000, proving once again that there's no cheapskate like a rich bastard. And speaking as someone whose state's coastal waters were opened to oil exploration last month, I can say, we need more offshore oil drilling like we need a matched set of holes in the head. Authorize some damn wind farms instead, Mr. President! 

I mentioned the Lower Merion webcam controversy before; the district is set to report the results of its $550,000 and counting investigation tonight, but I was intrigued by this article noting that in 2008 a district student sent the chief technology officer an email saying that the webcam software was a potentially serious violation of privacy. The CTO replied that the student should take a breath and relax; she was interviewed by The Inquirer this weekend and says that she "just didn't think about privacy" and that anyway her staff would never violate anyone's privacy, so why should she have worried? Lady, you're either grossly incompetent at your job or criminally negligent, and you should be on administrative leave along with your two techies. And that student ought to have your job instead, because I'm sure they could do better at it.
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