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It's all [personal profile] inkstone's fault that I'm watching this. Thanks!

OMG, tell me I'm not the only person excessively amused by the show's ostentatious setting of the show in 1999. Girls doing kogyaru in the first scene! That one building still under construction! Bwahaha natsukashii!

Also, between the girl named Kozue and the obvious symbolic object shots, I'm totally calling this as an Utena-influenced show. OH MY GOD, Mikaze's car is totally an Akio reference, too! I totally expected her to launch into the spiel about the end of the world. OMG, and then the "indirect kiss" business, ahahaha. Also, 1999? What movie with spoon-bending came out in 1999? The Matrix, that's what. Ahaha tribute! Show, I love you. Also I think "#6" is a Prisoner reference, possibly. Also I can't shake the feeling that "Abe Minoru" is a reference to something too. Also the landlady and the restaurant owner sisters are totally a Spirited Away reference, but you probably knew that.

I like the vice-principal as the secret!antagonist. Are they working with the aliens? (It's so hard to resist the Gintama jokes here, let me just say. But I am doing so valiantly.)

I love Maya's I WILL KILL YOU expressions. And I like Uchida's Tetsuwan Atom hair. (Did we just get told that Maya dies in the end?) I like Maya a lot; actually, I kind of love her. I like that she's angry--she's justified in her anger, but it's unusual that the show just accepts that. Not sure I buy her as tsundere, though. We'll see. Mikaze on the other hand is totally moe--she doesn't even devoice her final vowels, seriously.

Wait, the show just mentioned Hirata Atsutane and the kokugaku school. My respect for it has increased even more! (Also possibly this ties into the fact that "bunmei" means "civilization"? They're totally making jokes on that pun, regardless.)

Mmm, curry. And the garbage policing obaa-san! I want to go back too, Bunmei.

So, in conclusion, I like that this show has the occult and time travel and aliens. It is the triathlete of wacky anime! By way of Haruhi, of course.
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