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Watching AMVs with 2500 other fans is an experience, and it was pretty cool. This is basically the ballot I voted, with a few others thrown in as noted. Actual unofficial results are here.

DiscoVader Productions - Inception (Inception theatrical trailer x various)

I think part of the reason this won, and that I voted for it, is because we loved the actual movie. The runner-up was pretty amazing, too.

Tech Crew Never Dies Productions - Coming Home ("Major Tom (Coming Home)" x Macross Frontier, Voices of a Distant Star)

I would have voted for "Whore for the Cold World" by Curry Mutton Pizza Productions except that it's too long. It's great--I think Nightwish is way overused, and there have been some awesome Death Note AMVs, but this one's amazing, except that they should have cut the middle of the song or only done the first half of it. I also really liked "Defying Gravity" (an Otakon premiere, like "Whore…") because it's a completely diametrical take on the same anime as "Coming Home"--you almost wouldn't think they're the same anime, but they are. Pretty cool.

0SimplyAngel0 - Bring It Back! ("Astrosexy" x Samurai Champloo)

This was a great category. I almost voted for Fallen Souls and for Gunsmith Cat City, too.

Doomimus - AMG in a Nutshell ("That Face" x Ah! My Goddess, Oh My Goddess! (OVA))

No contest here, though I liked "Anything But" a lot. "Nara" was like watching a Thomas Kincaid painting being panned and scanned over and over, I wanted to shoot myself. Interesting as a fanwork, only loosely an AMV, in the contest = boo.

Lawrence Studios - Noise Pollution ("AM Radio" x various)

"I Ain't Marryin' No Friggin' Horse!!!" won, and it's interesting for its marriage of song and footage; it was my second choice. "Children of Daicon" gets a special shoutout because it's a fan tribute to Gainax, a studio that got its start making fanvids for an sff con in Japan. I liked it a lot.

Scintilla - And Now, a Word from Our Sponsors (Bland Name Edition) ("Burger Dance" x Code Geass) was my vote for Best in Show, and it won. I voted for "Britannia, [Expletive] Yeah!" in the category, which won.

And now I must go be productive.
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