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You know, I might be the only person in the world still willing to admit this, but I actually liked the Blood + anime. I thought it had a good horror plot, interesting and sympathetic characters and angst, and equally importantly an intelligent take on contemporary imperialism and colonialism and fucked-up global power relations. Also, Condoleeza Rice and Donald Rumsfeld were turned into chiropterans at the end because of their part in the U.S. imperial war machine, how can you not support that in an anime, IJS.

So, watching this anime, I just can't help but compare the two, and thus far Blood-C does not measure up. It's like watching Blood + crossed with all of CLAMP's works but especially X/1999, but with the awesome removed; CLAMP's character designs, which aren't innovative, can't save the fact that Production I.G. is phoning it in and there's no real drama thus far (also: terrible pacing, WTF). Also Blood C seems to have no sense of place or time whatsoever, which does the underlying narrative structure no favors.

Though I will admit, looking at that cafe food makes me hungry/want to go out for breakfast. Also, I hope we're supposed to get that Saya's priorities are screwy when she turns down delicious cake with a cute guy to go kill monsters, because I personally would see whether the cafe could package the cake for takeout. Though not!Yukito's sadness at Saya not realizing he was hitting on her was kind of funny, in a smooshed puppy way.

In conclusion: I think I have better things to do with these 24 minutes every week, but I'll probably hang on for another episode or two to make sure.
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