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Honi soit qui mal y pense (5908 words) by faviconstarlady
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Rating: Teen
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/Mary Morstan/John Watson
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Mary Morstan, John Watson
Summary: Sherlock Holmes returns, Captain Watson takes calculated risks, and Dr. Watson just gets on with it.
Disclaimer: Sherlock Holmes is in the public domain in the United States; no disclaimer is intended, implied, or necessary.

As I told M, the new movie has filled me with the determination to get back to some of my old WIPs, so here's one of them (mind the caesura in the middle marking the action scene I never wrote). It's in the steampunk AU continuity, set about five years after The Flying Empire, the first one in the series. Questions welcome, since this is, unapologetically, a fragment set loose from an unwritten whole.
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