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As Bryan Lee O'Malley said on Twitter, "I enjoyed Thor: Into Darkness very much, and I'm looking forward to Captain America: Into Darkness." 

I really enjoyed the movie, particularly the way the writers seem to have trawled tumblr to figure out character notes, and parts of it are laugh-out-loud hilarious. It is also, as was Thor, very pretty. That said, I pretty much agree with [personal profile] coffeeandink's points in general.

One thing I found myself thinking on was how much this movie is very much the Star Wars prequels and the Lord of the Rings trilogy smooshed together--there are even many of the same sound effects as in Star Wars, which doesn't help. If PJ had never made those movies, though, this movie would look very different. And I will say, there is one scene where I found myself thinking, "I saw this movie 11 years ago, when it was called Attack of the Clones!" but unlike George Lucas these screenwriters can write human-sounding dialogue, so I probably enjoyed the scene more this time around. But seriously, OMG, Asgard looks like Naboo, by way of Moria. But I did very much enjoy the way this movie made it clear that the Asgardians and company are just very advanced aliens with very advanced alien technology, not actually magic. That said, don't try to learn cosmology from Odin, he doesn't know what the shit he's talking about.

But yes, there was more of all the characters I loved, and though I am sad that they killed Frigga, she was pretty cool, and I didn't need the movie text to tell me that Thor will return. I will watch that movie too, though maybe in the next one there could be more Chris Hemsworth. (Having seen Rush, I also have to say, I think his Thor costume makes him look pretty unattractive, gratuitous shirtless fan service scenes notwithstanding.)

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