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Well, the tire that got a flat had the puncture in the sidewall and it was not repairable, meaning that it cost me $110. Shit happens.

But I realized I forgot to even mention that my front bike wheel got stolen about a month ago, on a Monday night of all things. I came out of the department about 10:30pm and thought, "Whose bike is that with no front wheel? …Oh, it's mine." Luckily, I was able to make the most conveneint bus home, and the next day I walked the bike, like some bizarre performance art unicycle, down to my local bike co-op, where the new wheel and the labor to put it on and fix the brakes set me back $125. It could have been worse; since my frame was U-locked to the rack, they didn't get the whole bike, just cut the cable lock and popped the front wheel. My friend Y had her bike locked in the opposite manner, and they stole everything but her front wheel.

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