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I found the movie very satisfying. Not even hugely emotionally involving, just…satisfying, in that good serious way of seeing justice done, for example. The movie is very deliberate and methodical; for me, it wasn't exhilarating like The Avengers was, or even standard action fare like Thor 2 and IM3 were in the final sequences. I want to see it again as soon as I can, but it was what I wanted, and I appreciated that.

Really this movie should have been called Captain America: Drones Are Bad When They Attack White People.

I love Steve, and Natasha, and Sam, and Steve and Sam, and Steve and Natasha, and Natasha and Sam, and also MARIA HILL. YESSSSSS.

I liked the tech who refused, and the members of the world security council not going along with Pierce's plan. And apparently the bodyguard is Sharon Carter?!?!

That totally wasn't New Jersey. (Yes, I know, it was Cleveland.)

Not sure which way I feel about Natasha's backstory. A couple of people have said that giving her the full Red Room backstory would subordinate her storyline to Bucky's, which is not something I want to happen, and I do like that she and Hawkeye, of the Avengers, are the only ones who are just human. I guess either could be done well; I want them to come down on whichever side is handled better, I guess.

I thought the action scenes were really well done, though I did find the high body count a bit surprising. There were a couple points where I was thinking of Salt a lot.

I've seen a couple people say that the movie pulled its punches, and I agree with that, but I also think that it came pretty damn close at a few points, especially given how many characters hit the "SHIELD = Hydra" line.

Speaking of which, if Joss turns THE SCARLET WITCH into another one of his brutalized waifs, I will punch something. Preferably his face.

(Note the fallacy that brains can be uploaded into magnetic tape reels; that's a cybernetic/capitalist delusion that is very telling. Cognition can't actually be separated from embodiment, but informational capitalism and a whole bunch of cyberneticists would really like us to believe otherwise.)

In conclusion: I guess I still see Captain America as "let's do WWII right this time!" and CA: TWS is definitely a "let's get it right!" for the contemporary political moment. And you know what? It makes a damn good story for just that reason.
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