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I'm really thrilled to be returning to Con.Txt, one of my favorite cons I've only been to once. Leave a comment if you'd like to try to meet up while you're there--I'll be staying offsite, so I'm currently planning to be around Friday afternoon, Saturday most of the day (probably coming back for the vidshow), and Sunday.

I'll even be moderating a panel there: 

Tag, you're it! Tagging for Fun and Profit
moderators: Dee Laundry, starlady

"Tags - on Tumblr, on AO3, on DW and Pinboard - tags are everywhere. How do tags work? What are the most effective ways to tag your fannish content so it can be found? What are the most effective ways to use tags to find content? Why does fandom love tags so much, and why do tags love us so much? Also an AO3 tag wrangler will be around to answer AO3-tagging-specific-questions."

I hope to see you there!

Also, I'll definitely be at LonCon, Wikimania, and Nine Worlds in London in August. More info on that soon!

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