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Hello again from London. I went to Belgium in the interval of my last entry and it was grand, not least because Belgium is beautiful but also because I slept a lot. And now I am back in another, slightly nicer hotel (we have leveled up to a hair dryer being included in the room!) and am at Loncon. It's pretty great so far, mostly because of the awesome people I've hung out with including [personal profile] littlebutfierce[personal profile] qian, and [personal profile] such_heights, whose vidshow today was quite awesome. [personal profile] seekingferret made an interesting comment about lim's Marvel vid, namely that it lost some of its force up on the big screen, which I think is related to the fact that she managed to make it very comic book-y, very animated, and that some of its energy comes from the compression of motion on the smaller screen, so that the energy spills out into us.

And thanks to [personal profile] liv for organizing the Dreamwidth meetup yesterday, at which I met many lovely people including [personal profile] kaberett. *waves*
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