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source: Contact (1997)
audio: Dar Williams, "Are You Out There?"
length: 3:08
stream: on Critical Commons
download: 135MB mp4 on mediafire
tumblr post | AO3 page

It's been a year of space exploration movies for me, and about seven months ago I found myself on a deep dive in the Vividcon database and other places, looking for vids of the same. When I found the entry for [ profile] thatfangirl's 2003 Contact vid Are You Out There?, and tracked down a copy, I immediately wanted to remaster the vid so that more people could see it, because it's pretty great. With [ profile] thatfangirl's kind permission, I've at long last done my part of just that--the viewing is now up to you. With many thanks to [personal profile] eruthros for providing my copy of the original vid and to [ profile] mrquadcopter for beta watching my original draft, and above all to [ profile] thatfangirl, for making the vid and for letting me remaster it!

password:    contact

notes on the remaster
As will be obvious from the inset comparison, I made a few changes to the remastered version compared to the original. This is actually obvious right from the get-go, as I switched the credits from the beginning to the end of the vid; the song's cold open is so strong that I wanted to jump right into it. Switching the credit placement also allowed me to fade into the credits from the white flash at the end.

Technically, I have to say that the jump to Blu-Ray quality didn't look quite as good as I was hoping, despite my vidding with lossless clips; it's just not a very good Blu-Ray transfer (I remain convinced that the sky at 1:54 was blue in the original film print, for example). There were also a few clips where I couldn't quite replicate Rachel's editing even when I used similar speeding up or slowing down factors; the changes around 0:18 and 1:31 are mostly due to that.

In terms of technique, I ripped the original Real Media™ file (remember Real Media™?) to mp4 so Premiere could handle it, then dropped it into my project file as video track 2 and more or less cut the clips in unison as I identified and added them to track 1.

I added the intercuts at 1:59 to increase parallelism across the vid, and mirrored the clip at 0:45 to make a long sequence slightly more dynamic. There are also a few places where I cut a frame or two earlier, mostly around 0:55.

View the inset comparison of the original and the remaster on Sendvid.
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