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[personal profile] winkingstar has awesomely recorded a podfic of my Old Kingdom fic Gravedust! The podfic is here in [community profile] amplificathon, and the original story is here on the AO3.

Thanks for the birthday wishes, all! I had a lovely day of gardens, cheesecake, manga, laundry, and napping (I went running Sunday instead). Photos and such are forthcoming. ♥
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I was saying to [personal profile] oliviacirce and [personal profile] epershand that I wanted to read epic Narnia fan poetry, and hadn't really found any…but then I took a stab at writing it myself, though in length at least it falls far short of the epic. So! This is 3W4DW content for the time being, but also a poem for National Poetry Month, written by yours truly. As some readers may realize immediately, it was inspired by and ties in with [personal profile] bedlamsbard's Warsverse timeline, and as such it relies on BB's seasonal associations and popular titles for the Pevensies.

From The Collected Works of Solwing, ed. Calpurnia Bright, published at Cair Paravel in the first year of the reign of King Tirian, first of that name.

Editor's Introduction

Although the Owls of Narnia have been noted more for their contributions as philosophers and, occasionally, historians, the eldest chick of the court historian Glimfeather, Solwing, was something of a renegade from the start,
choosing poetry over philosophy… )
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I'm [ profile] starlady; I'm not sure if the hit counts say anything about my writing so much as they do about the popularity of various fandoms, but here goes nothing anyway.

1. Recompense, Sherlock Holmes 2009
Actually, it is interesting to me that this is the most popular, but it's also my oldest Holmes fic, and at least a few people have rec'd it.

2. The Flying Empire, Sherlock Holmes 2009 steampunk AU
Written for a Big Bang.

3.The Momiji File, Legal Drug | Gouhou Drug
Written for Yuletide 2009 and rec'd on at least one recs roundup site.

4. Infernal Machines, Sherlock Holmes 2009
Half as popular as #3, to give a sense of the scale we're talking about.

5. Second Face, Sherlock Holmes 2009
Sequel to #1.

6. Concerning Galadriel, Celeborn, and the History of Ennorath, Tolkien's legendarium
This is actually probably my biggest surprise of all--it's a history of Galadriel ending pre-War of the Ring that has never been mentioned anywhere but this journal, and then only like once or twice. But I like it a lot.

7. Brush Talk, Heian Jidai RPF
Yuletide 2010 treat. I'm pretty sure the AO3 staff haven't yet forced through the static page hit counts to the dynamic pages, or this would be higher up.

8. Empty-Handed, The Old Kingdom
Tag-fic for The Abhorsen, Yuletide 2009 treat.

9. Sanctuary, Clover
Tag-fic, I suppose, for volume 2 of Clover. Yuletide 2010 treat.

10. Symbolic Logic, Inception
Short, Ariadne-centric, immediately post-movie.
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[personal profile] via_ostiense has recorded a podfic of my story "Bangai (Apocrypha)"

She also recorded my other Yuletide Heian jidai story, "Brush Talk", last month for [community profile] chromatic_podfic.

*runs off to listen*
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Seen around and around: Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.

the derailment
, aka The Problem of Susan, mine (Narnia, the same story in two files, wtf)
The Winter King (Narnia, Edmund meets Father Christmas)
In Black Ink, Bright (Sherlock Holmes, sequel to Second Face)
T'Mir in San Fran (Star Trek TOS books, sequel to On Alien Seas, and Shores)
A Scandal in Admiralty House (Sherlock Holmes steampunk AU, #2)
Honi soit qui mal y pense (Sherlock Holmes steampunk AU, #3)
Nothing on Earth of Interest (Sherlock Holmes steampunk AU, #4)
Teahouse (Gmail teahouse theme)
The Skysong Limited (Tortall future fic)

There are some others in there, but none of them are going anywhere. Ask questions, if you have them; you shall be answered.
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First things first, recognition and further applause for my wonderful writers!

In Threadless T-Shirts, [ profile] hectorrashbaum wrote You're Ready And You're Willin'. In Disney Princess Superheroes, [ profile] beatrice_otter wrote A League Of Their Own; [ profile] ankaret wrote Just Another Day In The Secret Base; [personal profile] nextian wrote you're gonna leave them all behind; [ profile] pervyficgirl wrote The Trial of Snow White, [ profile] lovelyzelda wrote The League of Extraordinary Princesses: B for Beauty, and last in terms of word count, but certainly not least in terms of awesome, [ profile] wickedtrue wrote Disney Princesses, ASSEMBLE!. They are all so awesome, you should go read them all right now, yes, even you. I can't pick between them, all of them are wonderful. Thank you, writers! I am amazed and humbled to have received such a bounty of great fic. ♥

So I wrote two stories of Heian Period RPF for Yuletide, Bangai (Apocrypha) for [personal profile] elegantpi and Brush Talk for [personal profile] daegaer; I also wrote the Clover fic Sanctuary for [ profile] toxictattoo. Let me thank again my wonderful beta reader [personal profile] lnhammer, without whom "Bangai (Apocrypha)" would have been much weaker. Really, I have to say that I thought these three stories, and particularly the first two, were screamingly characteristic of my writing and interests. XD

Bangai (Apocrypha) )

Brush Talk )

Sanctuary )

All that being said, it's time for (drumroll, please!):

The End of Year Fanworks Meme!

Fic I Wrote
1 of the Good Guys, The Archandroid/Fake News RPF feat. R2-D2
Symbolic Logic, Inception
Gravedust, The Old Kingdom Chronicles, for New Year's Resolutions 2010
Infernal Machines, Sherlock Holmes 2009
Recompense, Sherlock Holmes 2009
Second Face, Sherlock Holmes 2009
The Flying Empire, Sherlock Holmes 2009 steampunk AU for [ profile] holmes_bigbang
Known Associates, Sherlock Holmes 2009 steampunk AU
Bangai (Apocrypha), Heian period RPF for Yuletide Treasure 2010
Brush Talk, Heian period RPF for Yuletide Treasure 2010
Sanctuary, Clover, for Yuletide Treasure 2010

Total word count: About 65,000 words. Throwing in original fiction, unfinished fic, and papers, I'm at nearly 105,000 words for the year. I think my original goal was 150,000; I'm sure that if I threw in all the translations I've done, it'd get within shouting distance of that. In any event, I'm satisfied.

AMV I Made:
Quantum of Darkness - Darker Than BLACK: Ryuusei no Gemini

2010 in fanworks )
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Title: Symbolic Logic
Fandom: Inception
Wordcount: 1160
Rating: all ages
Characters: Ariadne, Yusuf, Arthur, Eames
Warning(s): None
Notes: Set immediately after the end of the movie. Inspired by [personal profile] kuwdora's awesome vid PASIV Face.
Summary: Immediately after landing in LAX, Ariadne has a destabilizing realization.

Here on the AO3.

I'm trying to clear the decks before the end of the year, can you tell? There was more of this planned, but what I have here works on its own. Really I just wanted to write from Ariadne's viewpoint for a while. 
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Title: 1 of the Good Guys
Fandoms: The Archandroid, Fake News RPF
Wordcount: 920
Rating: all ages
Characters: R2-D2, Stephen Colbert, Cindi Mayweather, Jon Stewart, Janelle Monáe
Warning(s): None
Summary: R2-D2 isn't in the mood for Stephen Colbert's anti-droid diatribes.

Here on the AO3.

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Great afternoon and evening hanging out in the southerly part of the bay, good feelings slightly soured by opening my email account when I got home & reading school stuff therein. Strongly suspect this is a "this too shall pass" moment, or at least a "the world does not revolve around you" moment; in any case, I don't want to talk about it now.

Instead, a meme! somewhat in honor of Yuletide.

I think it would be fun to talk about stories, but the usual memes are like, "What happens next?" "Tell me about Character A?" Which isn't so much talking about stories as it is writing more of a story. But you know how sometimes you read something and you're like, "I got ___ out of this story, I wonder if I have that right?" or "What on earth was ____ supposed to be?" and it's too awkward to ask the author? Now you could totally ask!

I've heard people say that writing is hard because you have to make decisions, but we never really talk about the decisions we make with stories or why we make them. We talk about plot bunnies, but not about how we actually turn them into a story.

And it seems like a lot more fun to do that than to do working.

So, if you wanted, ask me questions! (Or use this to ask your flist to ask you questions).

What were you trying to do [here]? Why did you decide to ____? This is what I thought about xyz, is that what you were going for? What made you write ____? Why did you decide to do this? And so on.

The master list (it's short) of my fic is here on DW; everything is also at [ profile] starlady on the AO3. I feel like I've made…unusual choices in my writing; if you think the same, please do ask. There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.
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Went looking for a snippet of fic that I know I wrote down somewhere; evidently "somewhere" was neither my computer nor my moleskine. *sigh*

But! I found this, and thought I'd slap it up on the AO3. I did post it on DW in May (under lock initially? I can't remember), but I know some people who may be interested weren't reading this journal then.

Title: Known Associates
Wordcount: 1122
Rating: Teen
Pairing(s): Holmes/Watson/Morstan
Disclaimer: Sherlock Holmes is in the public domain in the United States; no disclaimer is intended, implied, or necessary.
Notes: Set two years after the action of The Flying Empire (during the events of the 2009 movie, as you'll see) and contains one (or two, depending how you count it) extremely minor spoilers for the events between that story and this, all in the AO3 tags.
Summary: Captain Mary Watson has an entirely expected encounter while keeping vigil at John's beside.
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Also known as the Holmes steampunk AU, aka the [ profile] holmes_big_bang fic.

The Flying Empire
Wordcount: 35K
Rating: Teen
Pairing(s): Holmes/Watson
Warning(s): Some violence (guns).
Disclaimer: Sherlock Holmes is in the public domain in the United States; no disclaimer is intended, implied, or necessary.
Notes: I owe a mountain of thanks to [personal profile] darthneko, who produced the amazing accompanying art despite computer troubles galore at the eleventh hour--please do take the time to leave a comment on DA if you like it as much as I do! Many thanks as well to [personal profile] naraht for the incisive beta, and the Baedeker's. More info about the background for this fic can be found at this post, which has major spoilers. (The title comes from an early story treatment for Laputa: Castle in the Sky.)

Summary: Holmes takes a case that leads him into contact with Countess Ada Lovelace as well as direct conflict with a controversial but well-placed officer of His Majesty's Aery, to Scotland and back to London via the skies above.

The Flying Empire on the AO3.

View the art directly under the cut! )
Created using the Fanfiction Header Builder
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Holmes Big Bang steampunk AU meta and background post, ahoy! 

This post contains major spoilers for the entire story, which I unreservedly recommend that you read first.

Meta, with extreme spoilers )
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*reads summary of own fic*

Me: Oh shit, I forgot that the King was dying! Well, whatever!

Except that I sort of remembered it while I was writing the scene in which HM the King makes an appearance last night. Which I am totally going to revise for plausibility right now. (Plausibility, and Sarah Bernhardt.)

Poll #3371 Another important question
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 6

Who should get to shoot the villain?

View Answers

Mary. Put the gun in the woman's hands, remember!
6 (100.0%)

Watson, because he's good at it.
0 (0.0%)

Don't kill the villain! Gaol works just as well!
0 (0.0%)

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Thanks for the birthday wishes, all!! You are awesome.

For Follow Friday, I have to rec [community profile] monstrous_regiment, a community for military history, fandom, and culture from a female perspective.

If anyone is interested, I have two extra tickets to see The Arcade Fire + Spoon at the Mann Center in Philadelphia on August 2, 2010 that I need to find a good home for. After fees the face value is $41 each or $82 for the pair, which is all I'm asking.

And now I'm going to go pick up my reg packet for my 8K tomorrow morning, and then make a quiche, and then, damn it, I am going to finish my Holmes Big Bang story. I think it's only another eight thousand words or so. I hope.

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So via [personal profile] cofax7 today I found out a) that Polyamorous Recommendations exists and b) that "The Momiji File" made it onto yesterday's updated rec list, which is intensely flattering. *is flattered*

There are more thinky-thoughts about WisCon forthcoming as I digest them, I think, particularly the discussion about affirmational and transformational fandom that's going on over at [personal profile] damned_colonial's. New people I met and added at WisCon, I am so glad to have met and added you, this conversation that is ongoing is clearly amazing. And I think I need to register for FOGCon.

On a similar note, welcome new people! I am going to add all of you whom I met at WisCon to my Wiscon filter, but please let me know if you'd like to be on my writing filter. I never used to talk about writing, and still quite honestly when I hear people talk about writing as a communal experience I more or less boggle, because that is not my experience of writing at all, but I am trying to put a little more community into my process via the filter. It seems to be working well so far!

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I wrote the following in May 2003 for a one-act play contest at my high school; it won, and was produced at the same, which was pretty awesome. I am posting it here because it falls squarely into the AO3's "grey area" between original and fanfiction, and I wanted to explore that tension; on the one hand you could argue that it is entirely original, or on the other that it is a strange mixture of meta-drama and Author RPF. Also, I still enjoy it very much, despite the fact that I would write it differently were I writing it today--but then, I don't know whether I could write it today. In any event, I hope you enjoy it.

Title: Love's Labour Found
Fandoms: Shakespeare, Author RPF
Characters: Desdemona, Lady Macbeth, Beatrice, Rosalind, Ophelia, William Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf, the Playwright (female)
Rating: Gen
Additional tags: meta, feminism

The play's the thing )
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Yeah, I'm just going to post this. It is, I suppose, a sneak peek for my Holmes Big Bang story even though it is set two years after the action of same (during the events of the 2009 movie, as you'll see) and contains one (or two, depending how you count it) extremely minor spoilers for the story, though the sneak peek is not my primary posting impulse. Comments of all stripes very welcome.

Title: untitled
Pairing: Holmes/Watson/Morstan
words: 1143
rating: ...well, there's kissing.

Captain Mary Watson sat by her husband's beside in the veterans' hospital just after midnight )
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One of the clearest memories I have of 1989 is of seeing sea and shorebirds dying, soaked in oil, in Alaska after the Exxon Valdez oil spill on the nightly news. My family and I have not bought a drop of ExxonMobil gasoline from that day to this; that was unquestionably one of the things that inspired my tree-hugging environmentalist views. Twenty-one years later, the shores of Louisiana are going to look the same very soon. Clearly we've learned fuck-all.

This is one of those very infrequent real life posts. Signs on the road which comprises 75% of my half-hour commute informed me this morning that starting Monday the county will be doing emergency road work on same. The potholes have gotten truly epic over the past five months, particularly in February and March when they were quite literally getting larger daily, so this is good news. Except for the fact that I think I'm going to have to start taking my backup route, which is 295. Yeah, that's not a great backup. I have to work tomorrow morning, and I may try it out then; Saturday traffic is almost nil, so that will establish a best-case baseline.

I went running at night yesterday and it was glorious. Dark, but glorious (and warm). My left hamstring was giving me trouble over the past two weeks, to the point where I actually didn't run for a week in favor of stretching every day, but I stretched before and after last night and felt pretty great. I think I might go again this evening. No I'm not great at moderation.

Speaking of which, I signed up for [community profile] ladiesbigbang. I have only vague ideas of what to write, but that's okay. More importantly I need to get on my Holmes Big Bang story; I'm at ~8050 with the plot clear ahead of me, but I just need to sit down and write the damn thing. I admit the scenes from the (AU)^2 sequel are taking up the requisite space in my brain with more verve at the moment.

Also, I feel like a blogger. I totally just drew up a schedule for my [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw posts. Given that one of them requires me to translate entire poems by Catullus again (because unlike me, most of you didn't spend your childhood in the Latin mines, and you ought to be able to understand the points I'm making about the poetry), this is actually reasonable, I think. Speaking of which...
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Having (just, finally) finished another Sherlock Holmes fic,* it occurs to me that there is a clear space in the planned sequel for giant robots. Yes, I totally blame this on watching a Gurenn Lagann AMV set to "Be A Man" and "Nightmare" again yesterday. And because I have lost all sense of the seemly in these things, have a poll:

Poll #2775 Mecha in London!?
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 18

Sherlock Holmes + mecha?

View Answers

Yes! That sounds awesome!
7 (38.9%)

Yeah, if you can make it believably alt-C19th.
9 (50.0%)

No, just stick with the automata.
4 (22.2%)

No! How is that even an idea?
0 (0.0%)

What's a mecha?
1 (5.6%)

*Would you believe that both this fic and Recompense were inspired by a [ profile] halfamoon prompt asking for a story about Irene Adler being awesome? I'm surprised too. My mania for writing things in order is a habit I ought to break myself of (but not really because how the first fic turned out influenced the second profoundly, so).


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