starlady: (ultraviolet)
Ohtsuka Eiji & Mori Yoshinatsu. Hokushin Denki vol. 1. Tokyo: Kadokawa, 2004. [1997]

I would bet money--not a lot, but, say, ¥500--that I'm the only person in the country to have read this manga. It's never been translated, which is a shame, because like all of Ohtsuka Eiji's manga it's quite interesting.

So. This manga is set in Japan and Manchukuo in the fraught, fascistic 1930s and follows one Hyoudou Hokushin, a former disciple of the folklorist Yanagita Kunio and a self-proclaimed "heresiologist"--he's been excommunicated by Yanagita for his interest in what he calls "hidden ethnology," to which Yanagita retorts that there is neither back nor front to ethnology.

The legend of the heresiologist; the price of nationalism )