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Really cool, and pretty: Nalo Hopkinson talks to the New Yorker's Book Bench blog about her fabric designs and her writing, with pictures.

Peterfreund, Diana. Rampant. New York: Harper Teen, 2009.

What a strange book. I really don't know how else to describe it. Rampant is set in our world, essentially, except that unicorns have come back, and they're not nice sparkly creatures; they're bloodthirsty, ravenous beasts, and only virgin girls can take them down. The main character, Astrid Llewelyn, is doubly a scion of the strongest of the old hunter bloodlines; as the book begins her boyfriend is mauled by a unicorn, and after she saves him, he dumps her (supposedly because she attacked him because she wouldn't have sex with him), and Astrid's mother, who's been obsessed with their family's hunter heritage all her life, sends Astrid off to the convent in Rome where hunters used to train, and are starting to do so again. When Astrid's cousin Phil, who's just completed her first year in college, joins her, things get...interesting.

Lots of spoilers, but you don't care. Trust me.  )