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There are many excellent Festivids this year, many of which I've not had time to watch and many of which have been rec'd elsewhere. But I wanted to put in a plug for Soon Love Soon, a Festivid set to Cloud Atlas (2012): We will know that to be a part is to be truly whole.

I watched the movie with my sister over the holiday break and found myself really, really liking it, and wishing I'd gone to see it in the theater. The movie has issues (though I would argue that the casting choices are on some level an attempt to put the message of the book into practice; the problem is that we don't live in the best of all possible worlds), but it's a really fascinating movie, and also very moving, perhaps to me partly because I absolutely adore the book.

At any rate, the vid is wonderful--I started crying about halfway through and was sobbing like a child by the end. It really captures the heart of the book, and the point of the movie: The fate of one is the fate of all.
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So [personal profile] were_duck told me on Twitter last night about an Utena AMV to Total Eclipse of the Heart Literal. This morning I watched it. It's by [personal profile] shati. It's unspeakably amazing.

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Joseon X-Files
Illumination, for ghost lingering - I've never seen this series, which is an oversight I need to correct.

Death Note (live action)
Gem Apple John, for kitty

Finding Nemo
Float On, for hazelk - It occurs to me that Dorie is the glaring exception to Pixar's problems with female characters. Which says something right there.

Lilo & Stitch
Beat Control, for chat noir

Batman Beyond
Hurt, for lcsbanana - This vid does total justice to the epic tragedy of the series, and it's amazing.

Inglorious Basterds
Fire in the Ivory, for piecesofalice - This vid focuses on Shoshanna, and it's excellent.

I Follow You, for isagel - I have a thing for Depeche Mode in vids, and this vid is so, so intelligent, just like the show.

Jurassic Park
They Want More, for dogstar - This is the epic dinosaur POV vid you never knew you needed in your life, but you do.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Trust, for ash48 - This vid requires a download, but it's totally worth it, and I'd say that even if I didn't have a thing for Depeche Mode in vids.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Neverland, for diar - Brilliant editing here.

A Thousand Suns, for china shop - I wasn't sold on the song choice until about halfway through, and then I totally was.

The Millennium trilogy
Get Some, for sweetestdrain - Heed the warning, but it's an excellent, disturbing vid.

V - 2009
Truth Is In The Dirt, for hitlikehammers - That one woman really, really looks like Servalan, and after seeing this vid, I don't think that's a coincidence.

The Book of Eli
O Death, for livrelibre

Velvet Goldmine
Jaded for Cara Marie - Welp, this is the Velvet Goldmine vid, as far as I'm concerned.

The West Wing
Paper covers rock, for greensilver - I followed [personal profile] seekingferret's rec of this vid, and, yeah, wow.

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Want you bad, for theanonsisters - Q wants Picard bad. BRB LOLING FOREVER. 
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Festivids 2010 is live! Festivids is an annual small vidding fandoms exchange, loosely modeled on Yuletide, that has been making January awesome since 2009.

Star Trek: First Contact
Resistance, for sweetestdrain
I love the way this vid manages to twist some very familiar lyrics into a very intense narrative.

The West Wing
High School Never Ends, for amnisias

The Chronicles of Narnia
Never the Same, for dawnier
This vid is, well, amazing, and perfect.

The Greatest Day, for dualbunny

Lady Gaga RPF
Dance in the Dark, for sweetestdrain

Myst series
All That's Lost, for yhlee
This is excellent, and I think it's really cool how it replicates to an extent the experience of playing the games.

Attention Please, for vociferocity
This is a brilliant song choice and a brilliant vid that really showcases the brilliance of the movie. RIP, Kon Satoshi.

Mononoke-hime | Princess Mononoke
Facets, for anza

Why Walk When You Can Fly, for anza

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Who Needs Enemies, for cosmic_llin
This is a really interesting, complexly layered vid that's very quietly devastating.

The Dark Crystal
Twenty Four, for fan_eunice
The narrative of this vid echoes the spiral structures that underlie the movie, and it's great.

R. O. D. - The TV
Battle without Honor or Humanity, for imbir
The Paper Sisters > everyone, Q.E.D.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Teenage Dirtbag, for cee_m
Perfect, perfect, perfect song.

Make It Pop, for cee_m
This is hilarious and awesome.
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This makes me so happy:

Via [personal profile] sasha_feather, I also really enjoyed [ profile] beccatoria's NaViMaMo vidlets. I particularly liked the ones for The Dark Knight and for the Star Wars saga, though I also thought the BSG/"Cold War" vidlet was interesting. I continue to have strong reservations about vids to Janelle Monáe's music, but I think this vid deals with concerns that are similar enough that it's not blatantly appropriative but rather creates an interesting commentary on both source and song--though the song is still far ahead of the source, I think, in terms of complexity. Though I haven't finished BSG yet; maybe when I do I will change my mind. Anyway.


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