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The woman who refuses to check the taste of her own cooking. What she informs him with a smile is the coldly mysterious reason!!

The client: "It's disgusting, isn't it? What one's made."
Watanuki is on the way back with an absorbed expression. Suddenly he realizes that he's in front of Doumeki's house.
Although it could almost be said that he doesn't, Doumeki can cook well enough too.
Watanuki: "So it's think that what one's made is disgusting, huh."
Doumeki: "It's not."
Watanuki relates the exchange with the client, and asks about the boiled potatoes he didn't work on earlier.
It was a boring flavor in which he couldn't feel at all anything like the habits or feelings of other people.
Everyone unconsciously has delicate preferences soaked into them while they're raised in a certain environment.
Watanuki is like that too. That didn't come out of the client's food. And it's not that she has no acquaintances.

Doumeki: "...Are you glad? At my place? That person would probably help him better."
Mokona: "Since Watanuki has to continue forward again."

Doumeki's words that made him think about the true meaning of cooking. Is that they finally came here inevitability as well!?
Mokona's deep words. Their true meaning is...!?

I'm wondering if this will open up into the old debate about being alone versus being solitary (which we got a bit of this week in TRC).

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