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The distortion that the time Shaoran rewound caused to be born was Watanuki!! Yuuko's words spin tragedy!

Isn't it that if he didn't exist, his parents would not have died? 
That thought and that regret is coming back to Watanuki as a body that attracts spirits.
And when the true Shaoran took the copy Shaoran's bet that he would lose his life,
Watanuki, unconsciously, tried to protect the true Shaoran by erasing his own life.
That was the cause of his fall from the school building.

"I don't want Watanuki to disappear." Those who wish that are not just Maru and Moro.
Reacting to the feelings of those many people he has met until now,
Watanuki himself has changed enough to wish that "I want to be here."
Yuuko: "If that wish is strong enough, together with that child, the future will change too."

Now Watanuki being alone is what he himself has chosen.
If Shaoran is alone, he should be alone too.
But that memory was taken as a price, and does not remain.
As long as even a few memories remain, FWR's curse remains also.
In other words, all of his memories are not limited to true ones.
The feeling his parents entrusted to a false name. Without fail, it will go to meet you.

Sad, fleeting, and also full of unconscious courage: Watanuki's existence. Without fail, it will go to meet you, your parents' feeling, the truth!!
With your friends' feelings, the future will change. With everyone, certainly, you can be there!! Wait for next time!!

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