Jan. 6th, 2009

starlady: (queen)
First off, business! Thanks to all of you who responded to yesterday's poll--as you've noticed, I have now re-organized the translation-related tags, so hopefully they are much more searchable and easy to use. I gave in to laziness and kept all the spoilers together in one tag, which seemed fitting since the Holic spoiler has quit his/her job.

Second, while I have no intention of leaving LJ at any point, given what's gone down on the business end of the operation in San Fran this week (and apparently earlier in Moscow?), I feel it prudent to point out that I do have the same username at InsaneJournal. I back up my journal every so often with the wonderful freeware Mac program [livejournal.com profile] xjournal , which I recommend to all of you fellow Apple-head LJers out there; should the site ever go fft!, I will resume operations (and eventually repost all old entries) at IJ.

Without further ado...
Nothing changes on New Year's Day... )