Jan. 20th, 2009

starlady: Toby from the West Wing with a sign that says, "Obama is the President."  (go vote bitches)
I was not alone, think it was the first time
Watching you rise splendid & graceful
I cheered as you sailed, a greatness unknown
I laughed as I waved and imagined you saw me
In the streets of the city, the windows of buildings
A million faces gazing upwards in wonder

A million faces together and cheering and smiling
You were the warmth of their hearts, you were the sum of their dreams
In the coldness of morning you brought warmth to their eyes

Giving this feeling of wonder I could not imagine
You unlocking these thoughts no book and no picture could ever convey
This feeling and morning had opened a door
I stepped into a new world
I watched you fly

Saw you as a friend, the spirit of dreams
Imagined a new world, lands far away
And imagined those faces as you hung in their sky

I'm leaving ground, stepping into a new world

I did get to step into the waiting room at work and see first Joe Biden and then Barack Hussein Obama be sworn in as Vice- and President of the United States of America, respectively. Heather the med student and I applauded. I admit, on the way home hearing bits of the speech replayed I teared up at the part about Washington crossing the Delaware. What a day. I have to admit I'm proud to be an American.

I liked the colors of Michelle's dress, but WTF was with the cut of it? On a similar note, memo to John Roberts: bring the words of the oath of office with you the next time you swear in Barack Obama as President, kthnx.


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