Mar. 30th, 2009

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Why yes, I am avoiding finishing my paper rewrites by translating this, since you asked.

I--I would be King; & you--you would be Queen )

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Doing my part for nine nines of nine.

1. The oracle is old, but that is not what about her that astonishes you.

2. You may think of the rumor that she once forsook her power for love; after that, they say, youth was stripped from her--but was it a punishment from her god, or a reward?

3. Though she eats the leaves of the laurel, and afterward you may too (the thrill of taboo stronger than the taste of spice), this is not the source of her gift.

4. Her priests are a cage--but do they protect her from the world, you wonder, or the world from her?

5. Though you may envy her knowledge, she is jealous of your ignorance.

6. She is a sibyl, not a Cassandra, though she often wishes otherwise.

7. The secret of seven is that there is none, save belief.

8. Cowherds and queens are the same in her sight, for she sees the End: ask her your question.

9. Now the rest is up to you.


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