May. 14th, 2009

starlady: (utena myth)
I went to H&M tonight in an attempt to buy a summer dress for a wedding next month, but the H&M by me brilliantly decided to stock only about 6 pieces from the collection, all XS or S, so no joy. And when the shirt that I paid $8 for at Old Navy two weeks ago was now $15 (different color, of course), I was immediately disinclined to part with my cash.

I'm such a bad capitalist drone. But this way I have more money to spend on things that actually are worth the expense.

In a deeply, deeply tangential way, MammothFail (follow the link to [personal profile] naraht's archives) has been making me think about the privilege inherent in being able to enjoy authors whose works are in some ways (deeply) problematic but in others are a total gas. Specifically, I'm thinking of David Weber's Honorverse books. I read the most recent, Storm from the Shadows, in March.

They'll get along like a house on fire! )

All these things taken together leave me deeply uncomfortable at the thought of buying any more Weber books. I will keep reading them, however.