Aug. 24th, 2009

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Am obscurely pleased to be drinking a good cup of coffee right now. Let's get to it.

United thoughts and counsels,/Equal hope and hazard... )

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I went with my friend M (I have a lot of friends M) to see Quentin Tarantino's new movie "Inglourious Basterds" yesterday. Actually first we went to a brewpub in University City that was pretty damn good--a great selection of draught beers and good food, too, at reasonable prices. We saw the movie at The Bridge cinema, which is now the only theater I've encountered in this country with assigned seating. Funnily enough, unlike Japan, The Bridge has ushers to show you to your seat.

In poking around the Internet reading reviews and reactions, I've come across the phrase "counterfactual revenge fantasy," which seems to me to be a pretty pithy summation of the movie. Essentially, the movie posits a squadron of Jewish-American guerilla fighters, the eponymous Bastards of the title, who parachute into France under the leadership of their Gentile lieutenant Aldo Raine, whose assertions of "Indian blood" are behind his demand that each of his seven (later eight) subordinates bring him 100 Nazi scalps, as well as his nickname "Aldo the Apache." Clearly Tarantino isn't shy about playing to stereotypes--probably the biggest stereotyped character is actually Colonel Hans Landa, the Nazi officer known as "the Jewhunter" who is posted to France in 1941 and whom we meet in the act of exposing, and then massacring, a family of French Jewish dairy farmers, of whom only the daughter Shosanna escapes. Later, in occupied Paris in 1944, fate hands Shosanna the means to exact a mighty revenge indeed in the form of a chance encounter with a Nazi sniper turned movie star and the fact that she now owns and operates a cinema with her black projectionist lover, Marcel. Meanwhile, a British film critic and a German actress turned British spy are linking up with the Bastards to dynamite the hell out of said theater, since the premiere of Goebbel's new film "Nation's Pride," starring said sniper, will take place there, with all of the Nazi high command--including the Fuhrer--in attendance.

Nazis. I hate these guys. )


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