Nov. 14th, 2009

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The Archive of Our Own is in open beta!!! YAY!!!

[staff profile] denise wrote a very kind post of congratulations to the OTW and to AD&T. Yay fandom! Yay womanpower!

I'll shut up about this some time soon, I swear. In the meantime, [personal profile] lian has some links about the plans for translating the AO3, an effort to which I look forward to contributing.

To switch gears completely, I thought Steven Pinker completely nailed the problems with Malcolm Gladwell's worldview and did a good job of sussing out the finer details of what exactly Gladwell gets wrong (and let me just say, um, wow. "Igon values"? Seriously? You can't make this shit up) in his review of Gladwell's new book. Which isn't to say that Gladwell can't be very good on his chosen topics at times--I'd recommend that everyone read his recent piece on football, dogfighting and brain injury, and his piece on criminal profiling and the likelihood that it doesn't really work, which Pinker deservedly mentions favorably in his review (I'm looking at you, Shadow Unit, Criminal Minds, most every cop show ever). But these are pieces in which the numbers speak for themselves, but when Gladwell tries to make the numbers speak for anything else, he often as not goes badly astray.

Oh Yuletide assignment, why aren't you here already?  


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