Nov. 18th, 2009

starlady: (through the trapdoor)
So the Interstitial Arts Foundation is all set to release its second print anthology, Interfictions 2, in celebration of which they are doing several cool things, including publishing some of the stories they just couldn't publish in print online at the IAF Annex (go forth! read! they are awesome, which can only augur excellent well for the printed volume), giving away copies for free, and auctioning off interstitial art to support the Foundation! How cool is that? It's pretty cool.

To be eligible to win a free book one has to discuss one's favorites among the artworks. Well, my obvious favorite is the "Berry Moon, Bound" notebook, because it is visually striking and gorgeous and because I love notebooks. I already own way too many, and I have many others which I have filled up with writings over the years in boxes. Oh, notebooks, bound potential. I also quite liked "Untitled" because it's cool-looking, and because I think it speaks to the essential confusion necessary for creativity, the ability to see things that are not one as such. And finally, "What He Said" is beautiful in its own right and also based on the fascinating introduction to the anthology by the famed Henry Jenkins, which is quite fascinating in its own right. (The creator of "What He Said" is selling and auctioning off pendants inspired by Seanan McGuire's Rosemary and Rue, signed by the author, at her LJ, Chimera Fancies, starting tomorrow.)

So, in sum, books are no less shiny than actual shiny objects. And now to bed! 


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