Dec. 28th, 2009

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I'm just going to get this out here and then go back to getting things done before I crash. Why will I crash? Because we didn't get home until about 2:30 this morning--our plane was scheduled to land at 11:48, but we touched down at approximately 1:15. Yup. Even better, when we landed in Detroit we didn't catch that our connection had been delayed, so we booked it through two terminals in vain. All this because of snow in Detroit, but hey, we got home, and eventually found the car, and this morning I managed to get to work on time despite less than three hours' sleep, so in my book this counts as a success.

It was a good visit; we saw almost all of the relatives we have in Milwaukee that we still care to see, including my great-great-aunt Irene (who's either 94 or 97; none of us could remember) and some of my dad's cousins, whom I've mostly only seen at funerals heretofore. We also went to Kopp's, without which no visit to Milwaukee is complete in my book, though even in this I show my native strangeness--Leon's beat Kopp's in the Journal-Sentinel poll a few years back. As usual the food, beer and company at my aunt's were delicious, and it was good to see my relatives, who seem to be doing better than before. We saw Sherlock Holmes en masse, which was fun; we took up an entire row in the theater. Unfortunately my grandparents are starting to show their age, but at 78 and 80 it's practically to be expected. And we had Ned's Pizza, which is probably the best ever. Lots of snow, too, and repeated snowing; very pretty, and not too obfuscatory.

I read a few essays in Mechademia 4, of which more anon, on the first plane, but gave in to my exhaustion on the second and started writing Holmes/Watson fanfic answering my own question (Q: Why couldn't they take down the empire? A: Sherlock gots to get paid, son). I will finish it up and post it on the AO3 shortly, I think, and maybe someday I will even find the iconoclastic steampunk AU to which it very much wants to be a prologue inside my own brain-attic.


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