Jan. 26th, 2010

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Via [livejournal.com profile] eumelia, former LJ early adopter account holder void-star on LJ, malware, internet advertising and YOU. Holy sketchy corporate decisions, Batman! 

So, yes. I was planning to make a post to say that the tags on this journal are no longer entirely up to date; I retagged my book posts at DW recently to include author's names in tags, and have no plans to do the same thing here on my LJ because it's tedious beyond belief. Tags will be current between DW and LJ going forward, of course. Also, I went back and transcribed my few voice posts, as well as pasting the transcriptions into the DW entries, in preparation for the voice posts themselves being deleted from the servers within the next six months. (I say "um" on the cell phone a lot, particularly when it's 2am and I'm tired.)

After last time, I let my LJ paid account lapse; I'm now considering removing (some?) content from LJ altogether. The logical place to start would be my earliest entries, which are now almost entirely eyes-only. I have no intention of deleting discussion posts, however, and I will continue to crosspost here, since I don't want to impose my own personal decisions about LJ on other LJ users.

I don't have any Dreamwidth invite codes at the moment, but there's always [site community profile] dw_codesharing for those considering other journaling services. And for those out there who read this blog because they know me personally but don't have LJ accounts (you know who you are ^_^), I'd much prefer to have you at [personal profile] starlady.


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