Feb. 26th, 2010

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CLAMP have outdone themselves with this one.

These foolish dreams you know they plague me still )
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Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] socair!

Last month I bid in two auctions for [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti, and won both of them.

What I got for the first was "Crow Arithmetic", a poem about math and crows by the awesomely talented [personal profile] yhlee.

What I got for the second was "Scenes from an Unusual Domestic Arrangment", by MerryArwen aka laleitha. It is Sherlock Holmes OT4, and it's pretty damn awesome--carefully paced, beautifully observed, and exquisitely sensitive to the differences between each party, as well as to the balancing involved in crafting a unity out of all of them.

Clearly, I'm the luckiest fan in the world.

[personal profile] fish_echo talked about wanting OT4 and/or OT3 fic after seeing the movie, and happily the fandom has started to provide some really excellent stuff. Aside from "Scenes", I really enjoyed "Imagine Me and You (and you and you)" by [livejournal.com profile] flash_indie. It's the hot, porny, action/adventure OT4! (I have to admit that one or two background details made me go o.O, but just roll with it; it's worth it.)

It took me a while to realize that MerryArwen is also [personal profile] recessional. She's been writing some great Holmes OT3 fic. I particularly enjoyed "three in a bed" and "Trivial Details". She's also been writing great pieces about Mary herself on her journal--I love the way she writes Mary, as someone who is largely content with her role as (to quote Holmes in "Scenes") an English housewife and who doesn't find it confining--indeed, it's almost empowering. (Partly my love for MerryArwen's Mary arises from the fact that the Mary in the OT3 I am writing is, um, well, much closer to the pistol-wielding cat-burglar-in-training of "Imagine Me and You".) Either way, awesome stories.

Anyone else read any other great Holmes OT3 and/or OT4 lately?


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