Mar. 1st, 2010

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I am posting this now before it gets any older.

I went to a.k.a. music on Valentine's Day (seriously, a.k.a. is one of the best music stores I've encountered, particularly given its size, and it has a great location too--right between The Book Trader and Brave New Worlds comics) and they had both of the CDs I had been lusting after.

The first is Infernal Machines by Darcy James Argue and Secret Society! I have two words: steampunk jazz. Yes, you read that right, and let me just say, damn is this some fine music. I don't know very much about jazz at all, which frustrates me quite a lot, but this is excellent music, and the thematic content makes it even better.

The second is People Are Soft by The Swimmers, a local Philly band. I bought this CD for the single "Hundred Hearts", and the whole album is really good. Style-wise I would say they are somewhere between The New Pornographers and...crap, the comparison just went out of my head. I will add it back in if I think of it. 

Franz Ferdinand has a new song, "The Lobster Quadrille", for the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack. I like the song, and as a sidenote, I am completely psyched for the movie. Did everyone see the shots of Alice on the battlefield in armor? Yes? Okay, then you know why.

Can we have fanfic about these cat herders now? Please?

Speaking of Holmes (no, okay, I wasn't, but whatever), I really want this shirt. T-shirts with classic book cover art, the purchase of which provides books to communities in need? That sounds like a win-win scenario to me.


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