Jun. 10th, 2010

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Lightning update while I should be finishing/rewriting the ending of my Holmes story, go!

# My allergies have been terrible lately--grass pollen, apparently, and I thought the tree pollen was bad! I literally could not get my contacts in my eyes yesterday despite the fact that I am on three separate forms of allergy medication (four if I take benadryl), two of which are prescription (samples--working in a doctor's office FTW). And I woke up unable to breathe properly yesterday morning, which again, never happens. Bleh.

# My writing group is awesome! I am so, so sad that I only have two more meetings until I leave for California ([personal profile] shveta_writes and two other people whose LJ names I don't know, for the record). (Maybe I can come back on the breaks?) We met tonight, and though I didn't workshop anything, I definitely get tons out of it. I did workshop the first two chapters of the pirate novel last month, and got a metric tonne of really good feedback and concrit. (More about that on the writing filter in the near future.)

# I have off work tomorrow…to go to a funeral. One of the front desk people who worked with the doctor for nearly twenty years died of cancer on Monday. I only met her once, but she was incredibly nice, and incredibly strong, and we did talk on the phone when she would call up the office. I would feel obligated to go just for that, but add to that the fact that everyone in the office except one of the night shift people who didn't know her at all is going and I would feel weirdly left out if I didn't go. I don't begrudge it at all; funerals are about showing respect for the dead and supporting the living, I think. And I still get to sleep in two hours tomorrow. Which is good because I'm working Saturday, which means getting up at six.

# I went to El Rey, the new Stephen Starr restaurant, on Saturday, and actually went to Buddakan with my dad and sister a few weeks ago. Both are really good, and the thing about Stephen Starr restaurants is that they never make you feel unwelcome no matter what you're wearing, which I appreciate because it's definitely not the case in every upscale restaurant. I also finally got to The Gold Standard in West Philly, which is also pretty good.

# I forget. Back to writing, omg, why are there not 25 hours in the day.


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