Jul. 9th, 2010

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There is a spider that lives in my car. A few weeks ago it wove a perfect web in miniature on my left side mirror, but I thought it (the spider, not the web) got blown off on 295. But this morning when I got in the car I saw that it was still there: it had woven a perfect, foot-square web in the windowframe area on the passenger side. In retrospect, I think the spider bit me a few weeks ago. That's not very neighborly, arachnid friend.

In more important news, [community profile] access_fandom is hosting Festibility, a low-pressure fanworks fest celebrating disabled characters! More information including a long list of canonically disabled characters (including some you didn't know about, I bet) at this post.

(Partly under the influence of that list it occurs to me actually that I wrote two fics featuring disabled characters for Yuletide '09, and that I have a fic in progress focusing on another disabled character.)

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despite the fact that it has an article by Rick Moody, at whose byline I laughed out loud, because for me Rick Moody and by extension a good chunk of the bone I pick with contemporary literary fiction is brilliantly encapsulated in Dale Peck's infamously scathing review of Moody's memoir The Black Veil. Or, if you prefer, you can have [livejournal.com profile] yuki_onna on the movie version of The Ice Storm (key passage: "Jesus Christ, Rick Moody, cheer the fuck up."), which is also gold.

But really I bought it for cover (which is great) and the mix CD (which is pretty good) anyway.


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