Aug. 4th, 2010

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In what will probably be the first of many, I am not typing "what the hell is wrong with these people" for this one. Instead, I am merely pointing out that [personal profile] jonquil has a post on an ongoing epidemic of pertussis in California. If you live in or are visiting California in the near future, you should get a TDap/DTap booster vaccine, or get vaccinated if you weren't vaccinated previously. I myself am getting a booster shot tomorrow.

A fan near Philly needs to find a new home for her two cats.

The lovely and talented (World Fantasy Award nominee, actually) [ profile] elisem is having a 50th birthday sale to fund an epic trip around the world--items on this post are currently at 40% off, and they'll be going to 50% off tomorrow. (She will also be looking to sell a lot of her extensive BPAL and Nocturne Alchemy collection quite soon.) Steampunk! Awesomeness! Yay!

And now I must go pack.
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I am moving to the other side of the country next Saturday, and I have a lot of fannish things that I no longer want or need but which I would like to go to people who want them. So, a yard sale! Online.

I'm not trying to make oodles of money here; I've priced things pretty low and reasonably, or at least I think so--if there's something you want, I am open to slightly lower offers. All prices include shipping & handling by USPS to the United States. International shipping is not a problem, but it will cost extra. I vastly prefer Paypal. (I'm also selling some books and almost all of my CDs at rock-bottom prices on my account.)

Comment to this post if you have any questions whatsoever about or would like to purchase anything listed here--all comments are screened. Feel free to signal boost! I am interested to see how this goes, I admit.

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