Sep. 7th, 2010

starlady: Cindi Mayweather running through Metropolis (i believe in the archandroid)
The Apex Book of World SF. Ed. Lavie Tidhar. Lexington, KY: Apex Publications, 2009.

Borrowed from [personal profile] troisroyaumes; thanks again!

The Apex Book of World SF is an outgrowth both of Apex magazine and of The World SF Blog; the blog in particular tries to present SF from around the world to an English-speaking audience, which at least in the States has historically been disinterested in translated literature. I didn't need to read this book to know that English-language readers, particularly in the States, are missing out, but the book offers further incontrovertible proof of that fact, as if any were needed.

The book's full table of contents, several reviews, and buying links are at this post on the blog. Two standout stories; click this now! ) Still, the book is unquestionably worth a read, and I'll definitely be reading the blog for future books of world SF.