Sep. 12th, 2010

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I went to Izakaya Sozai last night, for those of you in SF, and it's some of the best Japanese food I've had, period--well worth the trek out to Sunset. Also, I went to the main branch of the Oakland Public Library; Ghost in the Shell: SAC, here I come! 

All of you should watch Complicit by [personal profile] lola, a Sherlock vid that reconsiders Soo Lin and Sherlock and their relation to each other. I don't think it's completely successful at challenging the Orientalism and fail of that episode, if only because the episode only gives a vidder so much footage to work with, but it does succeed in challenging what the show thought, or wanted us to think, and in forcing us to reconsider some home truths, and in restoring some agency to Soo Lin, and equally importantly in stripping some of it from Sherlock, who is not as independent as he likes to think.

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We've owned the servers, and run the Archive of Our Own on them, for one year today. Happy Birthday, servers! 

In celebration of which, I have one invitation to the AO3 to give away--it's yours if you want it! First come, first served. (Otherwise you can add your name to the invitation queue.)

See you at the party!


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