Sep. 17th, 2010

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"Political" in the best, very broad sense of the term, that is.

So, most of you have probably heard about the ass-hattery that was Elizabeth Moon's recent post on "assimilation." She's locked the post and/or comments on it, and I refuse to link to her anyway, but more important than her are the constructive responses coming out of this latest...I never know what word to use. Round of fail? That'll do.

Moon is currently slated to be one of the two Guests of Honor at Wiscon 35. The other is Nisi Shawl, and she is thoroughly awesome--who else remembers her doing an a capella rendition of Michael Jackson at the Galactic Marmalade party? That was awesome. I'm going to read her books, and I've created a feed for her blog, which is on LJ, here on DW: [syndicated profile] nisi_la_feed

Other people worth reading, with their selected responses (though of course, this list is not exhaustive):

[personal profile] coffeeandink also has a post brainstorming ideas for panels at Wiscon 35

[personal profile] yeloson has a post about Hate

[personal profile] shveta_writes has a post called All Right

[personal profile] glass_icarus, on the politics of possession

and on LJ, [ profile] shweta_narayan has a post on Dissimilation

And to round out this post with happier (fannish) things, [community profile] eid_ka_chand, a comm for fictional Muslim characters & Islam in fiction. The comm's Eid-al-Fitr 2010 fanworks challenge raised over $1200 to help Pakistan! 
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Thanks to Rena-chan for the raws--if you're able, please consider chipping in to help her continue to be able to provide scans!

Then everything, in her belief, was to be submerged/And soon. )


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