Oct. 21st, 2010

starlady: Hei poised to strike at sunset (sunset before the fall)
First, Dreamwidth stuff! I'm fascinated by the new site stats page and by the multiple accounts model proposals. The latter sounds like it could be pretty cool.

SF3 has withdrawn Elizabeth Moon's invitation to be a Guest of Honor at WisCon 35. Ugh, finally.

[personal profile] cofax7 has some pertinent comments on the definition of "censorship" for some of the anonymous commenters on the WisCon blog. The post also mentions the case of Juan Williams' recent dismissal from NPR over Islamophobic comments made on FOX News. My reaction is pretty much the same: ugh, finally. Unfortunately, I cherish my doubts as to whether this will have any effect on NPR's de facto policy of general pandering to the right, and I think that WisCon's decision to do the right thing and disinvite Moon is also only a beginning.

Also, Cat Valente's post and N.K. Jemisin's post are both worth reading.

In much happier convention news, I have just registered for the first annual FOGcon (Friends of Genre Convention). It will be held in the fair City by the Bay, San Francisco, this March, and its theme this year is the the City in SF/F, with Jeff Vandermeer and Pat Murphy as GoHs. Its organizers' stated goals are to create a sort of ReaderCon West, and I'm very much looking forward to joining the discussions. Registration is $55 USD until November 1.

You can also register for Sirens 2011 for $150 at this link until November 1.

And finally, while I'm fairly confident the warning is superfluous, as a reminder: this journal is a private entity, and I will not allow hate speech on it. Comments I consider hate speech will be deleted, and commenters will be banned.