Nov. 27th, 2011

starlady: Anna Maria from PoTC at the helm: "bring me that horizon" (bring me that horizon)
The creators for the Kaleidoscope challenge have been revealed, which means that I can admit that I wrote

from The Classic of the Three Realms (4754 words) by faviconstarlady for [personal profile] lionpyh
Fandom: Half World - Hiromi Goto
Summary: Gao Zhen Xi and Jade Rat, from their first meeting to their final parting.

I had a lot of fun writing this one--it went differently than I was planning it, and I like the voice that I used here.

And I received the wonderful
These Dreams Are Forever (1392 words) by faviconsuch_heights
Fandom: Janelle Monae - Works
Summary: She'd heard stories before of people for whom music and magic were one and the same, people who could create songs of enchantment and dances to raise the dead. Nothing like that could really happen, of course.

Kaleidoscope Treats has reopened for submissions, too! (More info and thanks at this post in [community profile] dark_agenda.) I haven't had a ton of time to read in the collections, sadly, but there are a lot of awesome fanworks in there that could use some love--if you have a few spare minutes, please do check them out, and leave kudos or comments as you fancy.