May. 28th, 2013

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And boy are my arms tired.

No, literally, my arms are pretty tired. I hauled a fifty-pound suitcase of my sister's stuff as well as the suitcase with my stuff and my messenger bag with all my devices and my sister's guitar across the country--double thanks to everyone who rode with the guitar in the car, carried the guitar, and carried crap to/from the car. Of course Delta separated me from my two suitcases after I left Milwaukee, because we got in 30 minutes late to DTW and my connecting flight to Philly was only delayed 15 minutes. I booked it (the terminal A to terminal B underpass is not "just across the hall") and made my connection, though not without unreasonable harassment from the gate agent about the guitar. I ignored her and carried it on and had absolutely no problems. The flight attendants on my first plane were kind enough to put it in an empty row in back. My luggage should be here in about an hour to 90 minutes, I hope.


I had a lovely time, as usual, even though I arrived later than I'd like and I feel like I didn't get enough time with hardly anyone. The panels I went to were pretty great and I felt like the ones I was on were good. I love everyone in this bar, ice cream shop, vid party, hotel room, etc., and I will see you next year. ♥
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I don't know why it took me this long to put it together, but it's by no means impossible that the Toms River cancer cluster played a role in my mother's cancer. (It's equally possible that the one had no part in the other.) (I need to remember to ask my dad whether Mom had the genetic test for the defective gene. I doubt it, but it's worth asking.) Regardless, I lived in Toms River from birth until the age of approximately two, and my parents lived there for seven years before I was born.

I have friends who still live there; they have a double-osmotic filtration system installed in their house, and don't drink the tap water. Their water filter guy occasionally will talk about how other Toms River customers go through the filters twice or three times as frequently as customers not in Toms River do. I'm lucky not to have had cancer already, I suspect. And nothing in the future will surprise me on that front.


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