Oct. 2nd, 2014

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[personal profile] intothespin asked, Do you work mostly from start to finish, or do you vid sections out of order?

I mostly work linearly, partly because it's only with my last vid that I've switched to a fully non-linear video editor (Adobe Premiere). You could kind of make iMovie pretend it was non-linear, as long as you kept detailed notes about the length of the black clips it inserted, which I realized when I made "Quantum of Darkness." That was really the only time I worked non-linearly to date, because I was looking for clips in the anime that I could match to the soundtrack of the trailer. ("What do I have that could plausibly look like the sound of a window exploding? Ooh, falling into ice!") It was an opposite kind of way to go about things, but a lot of fun because of that, and I think that it's a much stronger AMV than it would have been if I'd tried to prioritize the visuals.

The other reason I tend to work linearly is that I tend to be thinking of my vids in terms of a narrative, and I find it easier to build the narrative by working from start to finish. While editing I obsessively rewatch the previous ten, twenty, thirty seconds to make sure whatever I've just put down flows from what came before. That said, I usually do the intro and exit titles last, though that's starting to change as I get better at integrating the titles into the vids. And I usually have a few parts where I have specific clips plotted to use at specific points before I start.

Do you use any tools, like clip notes or storyboards?

I always have a scratchpad at hand so I can note things like clip timings and lengths (though this is much less necessary with Premiere than with iMovie), and though I don't storyboard per se, I definitely do outline, partly so I can look at the outline when I wonder what the hell I'm supposed to be doing next. I'm not good at making detailed outlines in general, but I suspect I'm going to have to get more detailed for a few of the vid ideas I have planned. Some of them may even need diagrams, oh lord. I haven't tended to do line-by-line lyric outlines, but I think, given the success I had with a more general outline in my last vid (in which I was not actually trying to match the lyrics to the visuals), that I might try making a more specific one for the next few vids to see how that goes. I also always go through and put in timeline markers before I vid the next section of the song, so that I can be sure I'm laying clips down on the beats I want to hit--though I'll usually mark at least three of the kinds of beats (drums, background, vocals, etc) and then hit whichever of them I feel like depending on the clip I decide to use at that point.