Feb. 26th, 2018

starlady: Korra looks out over Republic City (legend of korra)
source: X-Men (alternate timeline movies)
audio: Eurythmics, "Missionary Man"
length: 03:47
stream: on Vimeo for people in Germany; password: mystique
download: 257MB on Dropbox
summary: You can fool with your brother, but don't mess with a missionary man. Or, Raven is the leader the X-Men need.

Premiered at Escapade 2018.

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I find it kind of on-brand that I spent a solid four years in X-Men fandom as a devoted Cherik shipper, and the first vid I produce is about Raven. But once I saw XMA there was really no question that I needed something 80s for her, and I am pleased with how this vid turned out. The Eurythmics were my favorite band until I was about 12, and they're still one of my favorites.

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