Oct. 18th, 2018

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Another way to volunteer to get out the vote in the midterms, especially for the introverted or those not near a swing district (i.e., me): Vote Forward!

You sign up to write letters to unlikely voters sharing your perspective on why voting is important and get reminded to send the letters the week before the election, so there's still plenty of time to sign up. I've mostly been choosing districts in states with competitive Senate or gubernatorial elections, but there are plenty of voters left to write letters to in many different districts. Their data indicates voters who get letters are roughly 3.9% more likely to vote, and every vote counts!

(Note: once you've verified your email address, they don't email you again once you've been confirmed as a letter-writer, so check back within 24 hours. The writing burden is relatively light, as the bulk of the letter is a pre-printed form, but you do need to print the letters and provide your own envelopes and stamps. That said, there are some funds for stamps available if the cost of stamps is a potential dealbreaker! Send them an email and they may be able to help.)

In terms of money, there's a lot of worthy campaigns and candidates to give to, but I want to add one particular Senate candidate to your list of people to send some cash to if you can: Mike Espy, who's running for the Senate as a Democrat in Mississippi. Yes, Mississippi, and he has a very credible chance at actually pulling it out, especially if he gets money now--since it's a special, the election will be held in December. Want to make Mitch McConnell sad? Mike Espy in the Senate is a very good way to do it.


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