Dec. 29th, 2018

starlady: Uryuu & Ichigo reenact Scott Pilgrim (that doesn't even rhyme)
Well, at least it's over.

The Vids
Missionary Woman (X-Men movies - alternate timeline)

The Last of the Real Ones (Star Wars Rebels)

Congratulations (Star Wars)

Hard Times (The Good Fight)
The Greatest (Star Wars Rebels)

Warrior (A Wrinkle in Time) - Autumn Equinox 2018

The Questions
Honestly I am really, really pleased with all three of my Star Wars vids. My two favorites are The Last of the Real Ones and Congratulations, depending on my mood.

Least Favorite
This feels disloyal, but I think Warrior is the one that still could use more work, which is the closest to "least favorite" that I'll get.

Most Successful
Probably The Last of the Real Ones? I got some very nice comments on it from the BP organizers and from people at VividCon, though The Greatest also went down pretty well at Club Vivid.

Most Underappreciated by the Universe
Probably Missionary Woman. It's (deliberately) about the wrong character and I sent it to Escapade knowing that it was mismatched to the crowd. But I'm okay with that.

Most Fun to Make
In some ways, Missionary Woman, because I did most of it in the Sky Club during a six-hour delay on a trip to Hawai'i, and finished it later that same trip. In others, Congratulations, because it really is my id and my deepest fannish feelings about Star Wars in vid form. In still others, The Last of the Real Ones, because the vid grew and changed as the last few episodes of the show developed.

Hardest Vid to Make
In some ways, The Good Fight, because it's a very talky show, my rips didn't match, yadda blah… In others, Warrior was a struggle in ways that I think show. I still think the song choice was right, but I think the seams of the idea are a bit obvious, and I would have liked another week to keep tweaking things.

The Things I Learned This Year
Famous vidders are so nice! I had a truly wonderful time at VividCon and I'm so glad I went for the first and last time. Also, I really like Star Wars.

Planning for Next Year
I was able to meet my goal of six vids for this year, and I think six seems like a reasonable goal for next year too. I also continued my con submission strategy as per my goal, with five out of six vids being made for cons, and I definitely want to continue that in 2019, particularly with FanWorksCon and WisCon. I also want to get back on the VidUKon bandwagon, and I still have hopes of finishing a vid for the Vid Big Bang. My other goal is to try to consciously integrate some of the things and techniques, particularly on the FX side, that I learned at VividCon into my actual vidding practice. I also want to make a Steven Universe vid once I catch up to the current episodes.