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Time, how it runs on.

!!! page 01
Eyes in bloom

That light, eternally--

Chapitre 218: Fragments of Memories
!!! page 02
FX: Howling wind
!!! page 03
Jr.: This is--!!

Mokona: What's broken is returning to the original!!

Kurogane: What's being reflected by the fragment!?
!!! page 04-05
Fai: Various worlds' times that flowed.

The past.


The memories.

FX: Menacing atmosphere
!!! page 06-07
Fai: They're trying to restore the worlds!
!!! page 08
Fai: Together with the principle that Fei Wong
tried to break.

FX: Roaring

Kurogane: Can they do it?

Fai: Their magic is amazing,
!!! page 09
!!! page 10
Fai: If they had enough power to rewind what Fei Wong has broken until now,
I should have noticed it, even in another dimension!

FX: Menacing

Mokona: Mokona didn't know at all either!

Kurogane: Where the hell were they!?
!!! page 11
Mokona: Besides,
He said Mother and Father earlier,

But why do they have the same appearance and form as Shaoran and Sakura?

FX: Menacing
!!! page 12
FX: Smack

Jr.: Father!

Lord Shaoran: Don't be distracted.
!!! page 13
Lord Shaoran: You decided then, didn't you?

That "If that's something I have to do."
!!! page 14
Jr.: I won't let Sakura die.
!!! page 15
Lord Shaoran: Don't lose sight
Of your wish.

And if you want to grant it,

FX: Grab

Lord Shaoran: No matter how tough a choice it becomes.

Jr.: !?
!!! page 16-17
FX: Magic

FX: Magic

FWR: I will never let you interfere with the fulfillment of my wish!

FX: Strong magic

FX: Howling wind

FX: Sudden movement

FWR: I won't let you!!
!!! page 18-19

The magic king's last attack!
In the midst of creation and destruction,
The two echoing wishes!!

It's about time Kurogane got some substantive lines.
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