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And after this, come hell or high water, I am going to finish translating that damn CCS drama CD.

!!! page 01
Sakura: Now, at breakfast time,
You'll trim the herbs for tea before you go?

Jr.: Yes.

Thanks for the training!

FX: Head turning

Shaoran: Yup.

Jr.: And tomorrow morning too!

FX: Running footsteps
!!! page 02
Shaoran: ...I wonder whether
I'll train that kid tomorrow.

Sakura: ...I had a dream.
!!! page 03

The memory that's a resurrected dream
The fate of their most beloved
Person is...

Chapitre 224: The Closed Circle
!!! page 04-05
Shaoran: ...Was it
About what will happen after this?

Sakura: ...Yes.

To change that future...

That the Shaoran who originally should have been your your original
Was born as your son--

It shouldn't be possible.
!!! page 06-07
Sakura: Even if I think about about the time we passed,
That child grew up like this and crossed dimensions,
Went to Clow country,
Met his Princess Sakura, was imprisoned,
Even if you and I were created,

This world is...

Shaoran: The same things will repeat,
Like a closed circle.
!!! page 08-09
Sakura: Within it, that dream is

The time within the time we passed that "didn't exist."

Shaoran: Will that become the exit from the circle?
!!! page 10
Sakura: In the dream, it appeared that way.

And the two parted and will not meet again.

No matter how long they wait,
No matter to what world they go.

Shaoran: That...

After this, to make a journey that hard,
That he would be parted from that princess he went out to meet--

Sakura: I don't want to allow that feeling.
Not for that child, nor for the other me.

Shaoran: ...You're certain that, in the dream,
You saw "Shaoran" and "Sakura"?

Sakura: ...Yes.
!!! page 11
Shaoran: Even if the two in that moment were us,

We have to change the future.
!!! page 12-13
Both: Because we too
"Shaoran" and "Sakura."
!!! page 14
Sakura: I had

FX: Magic more dream.

Shaoran: That's...

Sakura: I met myself from another world.
I met us.
!!! page 15
Kinomoto: Here.

This is your important thing, right?

I can be with everyone even without the staff, [TN: "Everyone" written "the cards."]
Since I believe in everyone.

So, you, too--


No matter what sort of beginning it was,
Because you are you.
!!! page 16
Kinomoto: Because your happiness is your beloved person's happiness,
Believe, hrough good times and bad times,

In yourself,

In your beloved person,

That "It'll

"Absolutely be
All right."

Since Sakura said she met "us," I'm willing to bet she dreams about Kinomoto Sakura's Li Shaoran in the next chapter. Are we about to find out what he went back to Hong Kong for? I wouldn't bet against it...

P.S. Damn straight they better change the future, if after all this freaking angst the two of them don't meet!

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