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!!! page 01
Sakura: My happiness is that I was born, was able to meet you, spent time together,
And that I was able to bear that child.

Shaoran: Me too.

And the words I spoke to you, Sakura,
When that child was born, won't change.

I will absolutely protect you.

My beloved person,

And my beloved son.
!!! page 02
Shaoran: Even if we're separated again,
I will absolutely search for and go to meet you again.

Sakura: ...Me too.

I will search for you and meet you again.

Chapitre 225: The Power to Believe
!!! page 03
Jr.: Mother had a dream?

Shaoran: That there is a person waiting for you.

Jr.: If it's something I must do
...I'll go.
!!! page 04
Shaoran: ...You won't change.

It's that you shouldn't change.

Jr.: Father?

FX: Gleam

Shaoran: Then,

I give this to you.
!!! page 05
Shaoran: Along with my name.

It's originally your name.


!!! page 06
FX: Shaking

FX: Wobble
!!! page 07
Sakura: After this...

Today a letter will be delivered to my brother Touya and to Yukito-san.

Asking them to deliver us to that person,
With that wand as payment.

FX: Slowly

FX: Cloth slithering off

Sakura: That's...
!!! page 08
Shaoran: It was in the Li family treasure room.

The same as the dream...
It's seems it was entrusted to me as a last request.

It was that person Clow Reed's.
The magician whose blood flows in this Li family.

Sakura: That's what that person was saying...
!!! page 09
Shaoran: Before I was born, I couldn't use magic--but in this house, as a descendant of Clow,
I can use power like this.

FX: Magic

That might be the meaning of the power that he was able to entrust to me.

FX: Twist

Sakura: The time that merely repeats--
Even if we're able to live within it for however long, if we can't proceed forward,
It's the same as death.
!!! page 10
Shaoran: With this power,
We can absolutely find an exit from the loop.

FX: Clasp
!!! page 11
FX: Magic
!!! page 12
!!! page 13
Sakura: That dream--

Shaoran: We won't let that happen to them.

Until we can meet again,

Sakura: We'll wait.
!!! page 14-15
Shaoran: And believe.
!!! page 16

Mokona: The Sakura
And the Shaoran

Whom we journeyed with!?

Fei Wong, man, hold it together.

In retrospect it was silly to think that only CCS!Sakura could have Touya and Yukito, since we already saw Princess Sakura having them--at least I remember thinking that.
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